15th Black and White Theatre Festival 6.-10.6.2018

The main festival theme is  ‘15 1/2`
Artistic Director Kamran Shahmardan 


20.00 Cafè Idiot
Ballet Moscow
Culture House Virta, Karelia-Hall
80 min
Tickets before 10th of May  28€ – 36€, after 11th of May   32€ – 40€. Buy Tickets

The Best contemporary dance performance of Russian National Theatre Award “Golden Mask” in 2016
«Cafe Idiot» is a co-production of the Theatre Ballet Moscow and Alexander Pepelyaev, a famous name in Russian and European contemporary dance scene.

This performance is a collection of images, ideas and reflections, based on the novel “Idiot” by Fedor Dostoevsky. It is inspired by its intriguing essence and told in the language of contemporary dance and interactive graphic arts.

Movements are the main inspiration for this performance. Movements put together feeling of time-playing, untold stories, masks and plasticity of adventurous novel and antique carnival that you can hardly see through the curtain of novel.

”Cafe Idiot” is an excellent example of visual theater. One will not recognize the plot of ”Idiot” but will understand the ideas and feelings present in it. One will not recognize the characters but will unveil their duality.

The duality is also present in the name of performance itself. ”Cafe Idiot” named after both famous Russian novel and iconic visual theatre performance “Café Müller” created by legendary Pina Bausch.

Choreography, set design: Alexander Pepelyaev (Russia-Estonia)
Music: Nik Baertsch (Switzerland) and some hit sings from the past
Costume design: Sergey Illarionov (Russia)
Light design: Andrey Rebrov (Russia)
Text performance: Magoga Machulskaya (Russia)
Dance performance: contemporary dance cast of the Theatre Ballet Moscow


18.00 ON A STRING –Sibelius with attitude
Tervamäki – Martin – Pensola – Kärkkäinen

Culture House Virta, Karelia-Hall
90 min (interval)
Tickets before 10th of May  20€ – 30€,  after 11th of May 26€ – 37€ Buy Tickets

On a string, the first collaboration between Minna Tervamäki and Kaari Martin, is an interpretation of the Sibelius Violin Concerto. A work of many contrasts, it juxtaposes Finnish and international, tradition and modernity, the sensitive and the demonic. The women approach Sibelius via the musicality and sensitivity of flamenco and the expressive means of contemporary ballet. According to them, the Sibelius Violin Concerto conveys its message with directness and honesty, and it has a timeless, rebellious attitude.

Finland’s Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) was one of the leading composers of the Romantic era in the arts lasting over 100 years. His influence on the history of Western music does, however, extend beyond the borders of stylistic periods. The Sibelius Violin Concerto has been recorded and performed more than any other Violin Concerto of the 20th century. Almost every violinist of distinction has performed it. The moods and tempos of the dramatic, subtle music swiftly change, and the tensions are strong. At the beginning of the present decade there were over 50 recordings available. On a string uses the highly rhythmic version of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra recorded under Leif Segerstam with Pekka Kuusisto as the soloist.

Coreography and dance Kaari Martin, Minna Tervamäki
Violin: Minna Pensola
Piano: Heini Kärkkäinen
Music: Jean Sibelius, Viulukonsertto d-molli, opus 47.
Costume Desingn Erika Turunen
Light Design: Mikko Linnavuori
Make-up Kaisu Hölttä
Photography: Kim Laine

Artistic Director Kamran Shahmardan
Seuraa sosiaalista mediaa ja nettisivuamme.

Tickets for the all performances can be bought advance from:  /http://www.ticketmaster.fi/

Places of performing:
Culture Centre Virta, Virastokatu 1, 55120, Imatra
Theatre Imatra, Kallenkuja 3, 55100 Imatra
Theatre Imatra, small stage Pikku Hiisi, Esterinkatu 11, 55100 Imatra
Imatra Spa Areena. Ottelukatu 1. 55420.
Imatra Central Pedestrian Street Koskenparras, 55100 Imatra
Vuoksi Fishing Park, Kotipolku 5, 55120 Imatra

Organizers reserve the right to changes

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