16. Black & White Theatre Festival 4.-9.6.2019

Theatre, dance and circus around the world

The Main Theme of the Festival 2019 is ”Emotions as a medicine for the soul”

Full Black and White Theatre Festival programme will be announced by April 1st, 2019

19.00 TRAD ATTACK! (Estonia)
Culture House Virta, Karelia Hall
Duration: 75 min
Tickets 10.5 saakka 17€/ 27€, 11.5 alkaen 20€ / 30€ Buy Ticket 

Trad.Attack! has really turned Estonian music scene upside down by bringing traditional music to the big stages, building modern world around its archaic sounds. It is often said that the band with its three members sounds so big that you would think there’s much more people on the stage.

They take traditional songs – sometimes starting with scratchy recordings of long vanished village voices – and build pulsating rhythmic structures, creating an impressively big sound from acoustic 12-string guitar, drums and an array of whistles, bagpipes and jew’s harps.

All three band members grew up with music around them and each had been active on the Estonian music scene for more than 15 years before they started Trad.Attack! in 2014. In the beginning it was meant to be just simple, fun and experimental. Surprisingly for the band, their first tune “Kooreke” became a hit in Estonia… Since then the band has received 21 Music Awards in Estonia, released their debut album ”AH!” recognized internationally and toured in 37 countries from China to Canada, including significant showcase festivals as WOMEX, Eurosonic and Transmusicales.

SATURDAY 8.6.2019
Culture House Virta, Karelia Hall
Duration: 60 min
Tickets10.5 saakka 22€/ 18€ 11.5 alkaen: 25€ / 30€ Buy Ticket 

Nasty is a strikingly topical work that centers on the expectations, limitations and attacks targeted at our bodies. The piece presents an unvarnished vision of our world, where evil hides in the structures of the society but also in ourselves: we pass along the injustice and cruelty we have experienced.

Susanna Leinonen Company’s works are known for their extremely skillful and demanding movement. This time choreographer Susanna Leinonen and her ensemble have chosen to examine our bodily limits , as well as how constantly being looked at and under conflicting demands and expectations shape the female body and experience. In the center of the work are dancers and their bodies as tools of artistic work. In Nasty, the highly trained physique becomes a machine that stretches, bends and creaks to fulfill its full potential. But the question remains: who gets to define that potential?

Leinonen’s choreography doesn’t revel in violence and corporality, but rather spells out the everyday viciousness we direct at ourselves and at others. Harsh words take their place on the surfaces of the space and on the skin of the dancers as an unstoppable stream of information and opinions. Estonian composer Arvo Pärt’s delicate and expressive music contrast and completes this stark vision the world.

Choreography Susanna Leinonen
Music Arvo Pärt, Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhansson, Hildur Gudnadóttir & Robert Aiki Aubrey, Teemu Korpipää
Sound design Teemu Korpipää
Costumes Sari Nuttunen
Lighting design Harri Peltonen
Video projections Ville Seppänen
Dancers Tiia Huuskonen, Elina Häyrynen, Natasha Lommi, Elisa Tuovila ja Erika Vilander

The Association of ”The Theatre of Black and White” in Imatra has been organizing  The International Black and White Theatre Festival since year 2004. Right since that time Black and White Theatre Festival has become well-known event for many people of the world. At the festival we could see the performing of different theatres from 44 countries, so far more than 200 shows and performances.

The Main Theme of the Festival 2019 is ”Emotions as a medicine for the soul”

Artistic Director Kamran Shahmardan

XV International Black and White Theatre Festival has come to its end. This year we celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Black & White Theatre Festival.

The Artistic Director of the Black and White Theatre and Theatre Festival, the Chairperson of the Theatre Community of Black and White and the Governing body of the Community would like to thank all the participants, theatres, volunteers, and, especially, all the visitors and audiences. Our special thanks is to the town of Imatra, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Karelian Culture Promotion Foundation, Karelian Culture Foundation, Turcic Fund, Vuoksi Fishing Park, and all the workers and sponsors who supported our Festival.

Kamran Shahmardan
Artistic Director
Theatre of Black and White

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Programme of the Festival 2018  MV_teatterifestivaali_kasiohjelmam


Artistic Director Kamran Shahmardan
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Places of performing:
Culture Centre Virta, Virastokatu 1, 55120, Imatra
Theatre Imatra, Kallenkuja 3, 55100 Imatra
Imatra Central Pedestrian Street Koskenparras, 55100 Imatra
Vuoksi Fishing Park, Kotipolku 5, 55120 Imatra

Organizers reserve the right to changes

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