16th Black and White Theatre Festival 4.-9.6.2019

The Association of ”The Theatre of Black and White” in Imatra has been organizing  The International Black and White Theatre Festival since year 2004. Right since that time Black and White Theatre Festival has become well-known event for many people of the world. At the festival we could see the performing of different theatres from 44 countries, so far more than 200 shows and performances.

The Main Theme of the Festival 2019 is ”The spectrum of feelings – the medicine to the soul”

Artistic Director Kamran Shahmardan

XV International Black and White Theatre Festival has come to its end. This year we celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Black & White Theatre Festival.

The Artistic Director of the Black and White Theatre and Theatre Festival, the Chairperson of the Theatre Community of Black and White and the Governing body of the Community would like to thank all the participants, theatres, volunteers, and, especially, all the visitors and audiences. Our special thanks is to the town of Imatra, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Karelian Culture Promotion Foundation, Karelian Culture Foundation, Turcic Fund, Vuoksi Fishing Park, and all the workers and sponsors who supported our Festival.

Kamran Shahmardan
Artistic Director
Theatre of Black and White

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Programme of the Festival 2018  MV_teatterifestivaali_kasiohjelmam


Artistic Director Kamran Shahmardan
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Tickets for the all performances can be bought advance from:  /http://www.ticketmaster.fi/

Places of performing:
Culture Centre Virta, Virastokatu 1, 55120, Imatra
Theatre Imatra, Kallenkuja 3, 55100 Imatra
Imatra Central Pedestrian Street Koskenparras, 55100 Imatra
Vuoksi Fishing Park, Kotipolku 5, 55120 Imatra

Organizers reserve the right to changes

Places of performing on the map


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