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17 ½ Black & White Theatre Festival in Imatra 28.-31.7.2021

The main theme of the festival is ”Covid-era theatre”

Artistic Director – Kamran Shahmardan
Places of performing – walking street Koskenparras ja Inkeri Square, Imatra




17.00 Festival Opening.
Let’s take the fun out! Trio Improviso Band, 75 min (Estonia). Read more

19.00 Toxic, Susanna Leinonen Company, 20 min (Finland) Read more 

21.00 Sound Reflections, Peeter Vähi & Tiit Kikas, 45 min (Estonia) Read more


15.00 Sleeping Beauty, Suitcase theatre, 40 min (Estonia). Read more

19.00 Let’s take the fun out! Otetaan ilo irti! Trio Improviso Band, 45 min (Estonia). Read more

21.00 Duo Aili Ikonen & Antti Kujanpää, 90 min (Finland) Read more


15.00 Suhde Street Show Company Kate & Pasi, 20 min (Finland). Read more

19.00 Friends of Beauty, Jana Kütt and Slava`s Band 90 min (Estonia). Read more

21.30 Fire Show, LiekinKieli, 15 min (Finland). Read more


12.00 Sleeping Beauty, Suitcase theatre, 40 min (Estonia). Read more

15.00 Suhde Street Show, Kate & Pasi, 20 min (Finland). Read more

17.00 Järvilehto & Lankoski, “Lost in Translation , 30 min (Finland). Read more

19.00 Savon Gardel, Trio Tanguango and baritone Juha Kotilainen, 90 min (Finland). Read more

21.00 Fire Show, LiekinKieli, 15 min (Finland). Read more


The organizers of the event are entitled to make changes.

All rights reserved.

The event is supported by the city of Imatra, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Ministry of Education and Culture, Karelian Culture Promotion Foundation and Karelian Cultural Foundation

The next traditional Black and White Theatre Festival will be held in the summer of 2022.

We wish you a healthy and happy summer for everyone!

Kamran Shahmardan

Artistic director
The Theatre of Black & White

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Tickets for the all performances can be bought advance from:  /http://www.ticketmaster.fi/

Places of performing:
Culture Centre Virta, Virastokatu 1, 55120, Imatra
Theatre Imatra, Kallenkuja 3, 55100 Imatra
Imatra Central Pedestrian Street Koskenparras, 55100 Imatra
Hiljan piha Kotipolku 5, 55120 Imatra

Organizers reserve the right to changes

Places of performing on the map


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