A Blog of A Madman

Nikolai Gogol, Kamran Shahmardan “A Blog of a Madman”
Social tragicomedy ”A diary of a Madman” is produced in collaboration with the  Polygon Theatre

Director Kamran Shahmarda
Actor Tamur Tohver
Scenography Pekka Kettunen
Lights and video Aleksander Erstu

Director Kamran Shahmardan, Actor Tamur Tohver. Originally written by Nikolai Gogol and dramatically adapted by Kamran Shahmardan, ”A diary of a Madman” is exploring the inner world of a small official, which admires of his boss and his large property. ”No, he is not an ordinary director! He is a real stateman.” And at the same time he despises the gentle people who were socially below him by title and position. Being sick, he is afraid of aliens and strangers. Our hero is virtually a mirror of our society, that only exists, relying on the information of ”yellow press” and television. He is certainly waiting for a great career, and perhaps, if God is willing, even more. For that kind of selfish person will progress the illness of a wounded pride. He despises those people who are socially higher than him, and envied them. Same time the desire to be like them intensifies his platonic love to the daughter of the director of department. The illness of unconsciousness leads the hero to a complete internal disorder and madness. He becomes a victim of a personal disturbance, which sends the burnable poison to those who make fun of him and maniacal dream to be like those who have unearned rights and privileges. Produced by: The Theatre of Black and White (Finland) and Polygon Theatre (Estonia).

The performance is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland