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14. Black and White Theatre Festival

XIV International Black and White Theatre Festival has come to its end. This year we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Finland’s Independence. It’s a remarkable milestone for the Independent Finland and the whole free world. The Programme of our Festival and the opening performance in particular was made to mark this very special year. And it wasn’t for no reason that we chose the most loved Finnish Tango compositions for the Opening Night. Besides that, the Festival also celebrated the art of Finnish Theatre and its development. This is truly important and symbolical for us, especially in the year of Finland’s Centenary.

The Artistic Director of the Black and White Theatre and Theatre Festival, the Chairperson of the Theatre Community of Black and White and the Governing body of the Community would like to thank all the participants, theatres, volunteers, and, especially, all the visitors and audiences. Our special thanks is to the town of Imatra, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Fund for Supporting the Karelian Culture, Regional Council of South Karelia, Koskenparras Foundation, Vuoksi Fishing Park, and all the workers and sponsors who supported our Festival.

Kamran Shahmardan
Artistic Director
Theatre of Black and White

14th Black and White Theatre Festival 7.-11.6.2017

The main festival theme – ‘All the world`s a stage`

In 2017, the year marking the 100th anniversary of Finnish Independence, 14th International Theatre Festival of Black and White presents the gala programme, which includes theatre, circus, street performances, contemporary dance shows, children theatre, drama, and cinema, of corresponding themes.
The artistic director of the festival is Kamran Shahmardan.

All festival program is ready. Welcome to Imatra!

WEDNESDAY 7.6.2017

9.00 Winter Story
Mitima, Finland
Puppet Theatre
Mansikkala Kindergarden
Duration: 15 min (for kindergarden’s kids only)
talvinen tarina imatralla
Director, actress and puppets Hanna Hietala

16.30 POOM-CHA
Galirò – Lorenzo Gianmario Galli, Italy
Street Musician
Pedestrian street Koskenparras
Duration: 30 min

Lorenzo is  an ital-international street-performer  and he is proud to introduce to you my INTERACTIVE, COMIC, ROCK’n’ROLL, ONE-MAN-BAND SHOW called “POOM-CHA”
Which is made with: one eccentric character and his backpack-orchestra, an audience, a handful of classics from the last 100 years of music history, some un-thinkable, choreography and un-repeatable group dance, “cotillons”, 2 or 3 embarrassing magic tricks, a great dose of energy and “good-vibes” , punk’n’roll speed of sound q.s. , and a little bit of clown.
Everything mixed up, step by step in the streets of your town ! ! !

17.00 Opening on the Street On the way to the heart ”La strada cuore … ” Giraffe Royal theatre, Estonia
The opening of the festival on the street
Pedestrian street Koskenparras
Duration 45 min

“Giraffe Royal” (Royal Theatre, Estonia) – more than 25 years of specializing in street theatre performances.
Director: Stanislav Warkki

19.00 Opening
Finland 100 Tango goes  Black and White
Part 1 Tango of the Whole World, Angelika Klas and Tanguedia Quintet, Finland, 65 min
Part 2 White and Black, Zaporizhya Municipal Theatre of Dance, Ukraine, 50 min

Culture House Virta, Karelia Hall
Duration 2,5h
30€/25€. Buy tickets

Part 1: Angelika Klas, vocals, Tanguedia Quintet, performing arrangements
Tango will sound much more expressive and heartfelt when internationally honored virtuosos from Tanguedia Quintet and stunning vocal of Angelika Klas (Angelika Klas) get down to business!
The rhythms of tango will be heard during the round-the-world tour of Tanguedia Quintet in Italy, Finland, Argentina, Germany, Estonia, France, – wherever tango is loved.
The magic of tango in captivating, unforgettable melodies, coming from the depths of the human heart, in the passionate narrative of love, death, desire, but most of all – about the happiness and joy of life that conquer listeners entirely.

Angelika Klas vocals
Tanguedia Quintet  :
Henrik Sandås, bandoneon
Iikka Kotaja, piano
Tommi Asplund, violin
Jere Haakana, guitar
Olli Rantala,  Contrabass

Part 2:  Black and white are the antagonist colors. They are always in dispute with each other, they always argue and they are always in conflict. They are constantly seeking understanding, harmony, and they show off each other’s true colors.
We can compare black and white to a man and a woman, good and evil, an eternity flash in a second, to the fire and water, air and earth.
The contrast of these two opposite colors creates many associations, but as any rivals, they are also always mutually attracted to each other as their existence is possible only when they are together.

Stage Director Andriy Romanov

22.00 Jazzing the White Night
Fischermanns Orchestra, Switzerland
Street music
Vuoksi Fishing Park
Duration  40 min

THURSDAY 8.6.2017

10.00 Can’t sleep! Can’t sleep! Finland
Hanna Saarela and Katja Paakki
Tainionkoski Kindergarden
Duration: 30 min (for everyone)

11.00 – 13.00 Finnish TheatreExecutive – tarinankertojien luvattu maa
Executive Producer of International Projects: Jukka Hyde Hytti
Culture House Virta Virta, Kaleva-saal
Duration: 2 hours

14.00 Maurangas
Mauro Wolynski Ayala Argentina
Pedestrian Street Koskenparras
Duration 30 min

Mauranga 3

MAURANGAS  is a one-man-show which combines circus, theatre, comedy  and music. He is improvising with everyone and everything th at’s going on around, always looking for the laughter in unexpectable and enthusiastic way.

14.30 POOM-CHA
Galirò – Lorenzo Gianmario Galli, Italy
Street Musician
Pedestrian street Koskenparras
Duration: 30 min

15.00 Rapid Jazz
Fischermanns Orchestra, Sveitsi
Street music
Pedestrian Street Koskenparras
Duration: 40 min  

17.30 Duet for one
Reetta Honkakoski 
Theatre Imatra
Duration 50 min
20€/15€. Buy tickets

Duet for One is a haunting physical story about belonging together. A portrait of a relationship with a shared blood circulation, a relationship where love mixes with hate and power – it is a portrait of a symbiosis. Duet for One is a story about care and carelessness. It makes visible the inner bruises caused by power games. In the magical-touching performance the audience will see two heroes – a Woman and a Rabbit and their mutual transformation.

Reetta Honkakoski is an actor and corporeal mime, theatrer maker, living in Helsinki. She has worked at the international mime company Theatre de L’Ange Fou amongst others. During the seven years of studies in London, she also has served as a school assistant teacher and performer in the Theater de L’Ange Fou’ssa.

Reetta is the only Finnish Corporeal Mime  specializing in this aspect of physical theater whose objective is to place drama inside the moving human body. those principles that are at the heart of drama: pause, hesitation, weight, resistance and surprise. Corporeal mime accentuates the vital importance of the body and physical action on stage

Artistic working group:
Director, performer: Reetta Honkakoski
Lighting Design: Saija Nojonen
Sound Design: Tuuli Kyttälä
Doll builder: Laura Hallantie
Invisible stagehand: Elina Lajunen

19.00 pohjonen alanko
pohjonen alanko
Culture House Virta, Karelia Hall
Duration 75 min
30€/25€ Buy tickets
pohjonen alanko, 1Ismo Alanko and Kimmo Pohjonen team up for the new project pohjonen alanko. The focus is vocal experimentation and new sonic adventures with effects, samples and instrumentation. Third member of the team is sound designer and manipulator Tuomas Norvio.

21.00 POOM-CHA
Galirò – Lorenzo Gianmario Galli, Italy
Street Musician
Vuoksi Fishing Park
Duration: 30 min


11.00-14.00 Clownery-workshop
Giraffe Royal, Estonia
50€ (2 days)
Master class on pantomime, dance, clownery and carnival from the theater Giraffe Royal, Estonia (2 days 9.-10.6) 50 € Booking in advance up to 31.5: mustanjavalkoisenteatteri@gmail

14.00 Maurangas,
Mauro Wolynski Ayala Argentina
Pedestrian Street Koskenparras
Duration 30 min

15.00 Mölkky (with EKLU)
Street tournament
Pedestrian street Koskenparras

16.00 POOM-CHA
Galirò – Lorenzo Gianmario Galli, Italy
Street Musician
Pedestrian street Koskenparras
Duration: 30 min

17.15 POOM-CHA
Galirò – Lorenzo Gianmario Galli, Italy
Street Musician
Culture House Virta
Duration: 30 min

Susanna Leinonen Company
Culture House Virta, Karelia Hall
Duration 65 min
10€ – 25€ Buy tickets

SEE | OBEY is dance about the absurdism of life. The dark themes of the choreographer Susanna Leinonen still rise from the reverse side of life but the new piece finds a brighter angle and even touches some borders of humour. The piece opens a window to the world whose lines only dance and movement can draw and who receives a full form through the imaginative music by Kasperi Laine, illogically rational texts by Jukka Viikilä (Finlandia Award 2016) and eye-pleasing visuals.

SEE | OBEY is also a dance film by Leinonen and Jouka Valkama. SEE | OBEY film tells simultaneously three different narratives about human emotions, every day events and conflicts by physical expression and movement. The time is manipulated by cinematic means and the moments that happen in a blink of an eye get a new depth with slow motion. The film uses both several professional dancers and almost a hundred volunteers.

Choreography Susanna Leinonen
Sound Design  Kasperi Laine
Costume Design Erika Turunen
Film Jouka Valkama
Texts Jukka Viikilä
Voice-over actors Laura Birn, Sanna-Kaisa Palo, Emmi Parviainen
Dancers Sanni Giordani, Heidi Lehtoranta, Misa Lommi
Photos Heikki Tuuli

Production Susanna Leinonen Company
Financially supported by the National Council for the Perfoming Arts, The City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Kone Foundation, and Finnish Cultural Foundation

19.30 Gary goes Black and White with Summer Camp 2017. Suomi, Canada, Switzerland, Argentina
Gary Beacom`s Ice Show
Imatra Spa Areena.
Duration 90 min
20€/5€. Buy tickets
gary goes, juliste
Who is Gary?
”As an “amateur” skater, professional skater, author and through his skating seminars, Gary Beacom has viewed skating through the most fascinating eyes and carved out the most compelling stories on the ice. After twice winning the silver medal at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships and representing Canada at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, he turned professional, touring with Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, studied acting, won the U.S. Open and World Professional Figure Skating Championships, toured with Katarina Witt and Brian Boitano in their ‘Skating’ tour and toured with Stars On Ice, Champions On Ice and performed in countless other shows and tours, performing programs that ranged from improvised to intricately choreographed one of a kind pieces to programs that featured skates on his hands, complex compulsory figures, bird calls, headstands and just about everything else you could possibly (not) imagine. Now Finnish audience Gary is in Finland, Imatra and is performing together with Black and White Theatre international artists and Finnish Imatra Summer Camp skaters.


11.00-14.00 Clownery-workshop
Giraffe Royal, Estonia
50€ (2 days)
Master class on pantomime, dance, clownery and carnival from the theater Giraffe Royal, Estonia (2 days 10.-11.6) 50 € Booking in advance up to 31.5: mustanjavalkoisenteatteri@gmail

11.00 ja 13.00 Maurangas,
Mauro Wolynski Ayala Argentina
Pedestrian Street Koskenparras
Duration 30 min

State St-Petersburg Marionette Theatre Marionette Theater by the name Demmeni, Russia
Puppet Show
Pedestrian Street Koskenparras
Duration 50 min

12.30 Mölkky (with EKLU)
Street tournament
Pedestrian street Koskenparras 

14.00 and 16.00 Noone`s Land
Merlin Puppet TheatreGreece/Germany
Puppet show for everyone
Theatre Imatra, small stage Pikku Hiisi
Duration: 50 min,
no text
audience 7+
Tickets 15€/20€
Buy tickets for a 14 play
Buy tickets for a 16 play

…”Until at the end I felt…
and let them call me crazy…
that from nothing comes Paradise.”..
                   Odysseas Elytis
Noone`s Land – is a visual puppet theater performance by Merlin Puppet Theater. The dream, the creativity , the power of imagination against reality through the eyes of scarecrow. Of a lonely creature, eternal spiked at the same point … with no horizon and no chance to escape from an environment that has not chosen…
“Noone” is not that different from each one of us… or he is very different… He opens his eyes and discovers the world. He is feeling disappointed. And then he chooses to make it better. He holds it tight and then everything starts from  the beginning again… In his imaginary world he is free. This world can’t be delimited.

Merlin Puppet Theater was founded in Athens, Greece, in 1995. Its founder , Dimitris Stamou and Demy Papada started their career creating masks and puppets for the theatre. In 2001 they started perfoming with their own puppet theatre. Sinse then they have created visual theatre stories mainly addressing a younger audience.  They’ve created puppets and props for other performers and artists such as Tiger Lillies, Dirty Granny Tale, Opera Chaotique and more. They are members of the Greek branch of UNIMA.

Concept Merlin Puppet Theatre
Puppet and Set Design Merlin Puppet Theatre
Direction Dimitris Stamou
Music Kostas Stamou
Puppet Manipulation Demy Papada, Dimitris Stamou

15.00 POOM-CHA
Galirò – Lorenzo Gianmario Galli, Italy
Street Musician
Pedestrian street Koskenparras
Duration: 30 min

17.00 Armi elää (With Pennittömät)
Drama film
Directed by Jörn
Culture House Virta, Kaleva-saal
Duration 1h 24 min
Language: suomi

Armi elää! is a 2015 Finnish drama film directed by Jörn Donner. The film is based on the life of Finnish entrepreneur Armi Ratia through years 1949–1968 when she founded the textile and clothing company Marimekko and led it to international success. Written in a form of metafiction, the film follows a theatre group preparing a play of Ratia.

In March 2016 the film received two Jussi Awards, for screenplay by Karoliina Lindgren and scenic design by Otso Linnalaakso
Minna Haapkylä as Armi Ratia / Maria
Hannu-Pekka Björkman as Viljo Ratia
Laura Birn as Leena
Rea Mauranen as Kerttu

19.00 Liberty Tour 2017
Fischermanns Orchestra, Switzerland
Culture Houde Virta, Karelia Hall
Duration75 min
Free  entrance

The title of the tour is due to the 100th anniversary of independence (Liberty) of Finland.
Fishermann’s Orchestra, which, while touring the world, performed on the best stages of Europe, Russia, Colombia, and street concerts, immerses listeners in an unforgettable world of free improvisations and ready-made compositions.
Also, as part of the tour, Japanese filmmaker and photographer Kohei Yamaguchi (Kohei Yamaguchi) will be part of the “Liberty Tour 2017”: His work includes three documentaries and one feature film, which he did with Fischermann’s.
In addition, Yamaguchi will have a huge work as a photographer during the Liberty Tour 2017 – he will work on a new photographic and cinematic presentation of the Fischermanns Orchestra during the theater festival in Imatra.

21.00 POOM-CHA
Galirò – Lorenzo Gianmario Galli, Italy
Street Musician
Pedestrian street Koskenparras
Duration: 30 min


13.00 and 16.00 Invisible Lands
Livsmedlet-duo, Finland
Theatre Imatra, small stage Pikku Hiisi
Audience 14+
Duration: 45 min
Language: Finnish, little text
Tickets 15€
Buy tickets for a 13 play
Buy tickets for a 16 play

– a   g e o g r a p h i c a l   s t r i p t e a s e –
Across the desert, behind our back. Up the mountain, down our spine. Over the sea, just under our nose. On the day the war broke out, we left home.

Geography and politics are physically extended and transformed into organic performance platforms – our bodies – and we learn what touch, presence, and endurance really are about.  With Invisible Lands, the visual theatre duo Livsmedlet challenges themselves in a unique meeting between puppetry and choreography.

Concept, direction and performance: Ishmael Falke and Sandrina Lindgren
Sound and Music: Niklas Nybom
Light design: Jarkko Forsman

14.30 Fishing Park Jazz
Fischermanns Orchestra, 
Street music
Vuoksi Fishing Park
Duration: 40 min

18.00 Dreams of a storyteller
Giraffe Royal Theatre, Estonia
Culture House Virta, Karelia Hall
Duration 75 min
No text
Tickets 25€/15€. Buy tickets

This performance has several lines of perception and each viewer is able to see it in his
own way. There are beauty, experiences, philosophy, mystical signs and symbols, similar to our everyday life, if you take a closer look at it. Visually it reminds of pictures from the children’s book, the action takes from one world to another before it can be noticed.
“Giraffe Royal” has been working in the genre of visual theatre for more than quarter century. At the heart of the troupe’s creative method is in-depth study of clowning, folklore, pantomime, ritual dance, technical mastery of brandishing swords, street theatre – those rare genres which, embody the profession essence. The combined mastery of this skills together with state of the art modern stage production is the secret of their amazingly strong impact on the public.

Theatre style was formed in 90ties – the flourish period of the “movement theatre”. It is a combination of the strong acting school with the elements of dance, associative mime, clownery, street theatre, martial arts and the philosophy of Butoh. Theatre have shown own performances and collaborative projects in St-Petersburg, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona, Montreal, Madrid, Dublin, Amsterdam, Rome, Brussels, Riga, Tallinn and many more. During its history theatre had chance to work with established artists as Terry Gilliam, Slava Polunin, Andron Konchalovsky and gained some festival awards including Berlinale Golden Bear.

20.00 Lähtö/ Départ
W-H-S, Finland
Theatre Imatra
Duration 65 min
Tickets 20€/15€. Buy tickets

Lähtiö I Départ is a performance created by the theatrical circus company WHS, under the guidance of the magician and visual artist Kalle Nio (Kalle Nio).
Inspired by scenic stunts of the illusionists of the 19th century, Nyo creates a mysterious atmosphere in which absurdist humor and tragedy alternate each other. The feelings and thoughts of heroes – a man and a woman in complicated relationships, captivated by their own delusions and illusions – are transmitted through the movement of bodies and clothing, which also lives its own separate life.
This play is a unique theatrical experience, in which circus tricks, choreography, fine arts and design are exquisitely connected.

Directed by: Kalle Nio.
Choreography: Vera Selena Tegelman and Calle Nio
Performers: Calle Nio and Vera Selena Tegelman
Suits: Mila Moisio and Kaisa Rissanen
Music and sound design: Samuli Kosminen
Lighting: Jere Mönkkönen
Video: Matthias Bettge and Calle Nio
Production: WHS
With the support of: Les Migrateurs / associés pour les Arts du Cirque, Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Arts Council of Finland,  and Alfred Kordelin Foundation .

4.6 Walking tour with Inkeri from Imatrankoski to Ukonlinna from 13.00 to 16.00. More information on our website and in social networks.

9.-10.6 11.00-14.00 Clownery-workshop
Giraffe Royal, Estonia
50€ (2 days)
Master class on pantomime, dance, clownery and carnival from the theater Giraffe Royal, Estonia (2 days 9.-10.6) 50 € Booking in advance up to 31.5: mustanjavalkoisenteatteri@gmail

Tickets for the all performances can be bought advance from:  /http://www.ticketmaster.fi/

Places of performing:
Culture Centre Virta, Virastokatu 1, 55120, Imatra
Theatre Imatra, Kallenkuja 3, 55100 Imatra
Theatre Imatra, small stage Pikku Hiisi, Esterinkatu 11, 55100 Imatra
Imatra Spa Areena. Ottelukatu 1. 55420.
Imatra Central Pedestrian Street Koskenparras, 55100 Imatra
Vuoksi Fishing Park, Kotipolku 5, 55120 Imatra

Organizers reserve the right to changes